A Guide to Anov Products: The Perfect Incontinence Solution


AMD Incontinence is a leading French manufacturer, making quality incontinence products that are comfortable, durable and reliable. The budgets of carers and care homes alike are being stretched thinner and thinner each year, which leaves common issues like incontinence a struggle for some. This is the main reason for AMD Incontinence deciding to make it their mission to help positively contribute towards the challenge of incontinence, which is mainly associated with the elderly population.

Beaucare joined forces with AMD Incontinence to help overcome this challenge, creating Anov, a new incontinence brand featuring a range of beneficial products. The partnership with AMD Incontinence was only natural, as both companies are passionate about providing quality products that impact lives for the better. These products are showcased below, giving you a better understanding of the benefits that can come from each one.

The Anov catalogue proudly boasts products that cover a broad range of needs. Although more common with age, incontinence can impact anybody at any age and can be caused by a variety of complications. However, how someone is affected can vary from person to person, which is why we aim to cater to a wide range of needs throughout the Anov collection.

It can be daunting and even scary thinking about finding the right product for you. However, the Anov range has been designed with different absorption levels in mind to ensure maximum efficiency, so that the user is always dry. Factors such as diet, environment and even clothing choices can affect incontinence levels and the degree of comfort felt. For this reason, Anov stands out from the competition, as it is designed to be soft and kind to skin whilst remaining one of the most absorbent products.

The Anov Slip is a best seller, as it has a wider variety of options available for sale. It is ideal for people with reduced or no mobility due to the snug fit, and re-wet prevention technology. However, for those that maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, the Anov Pant would be more suited as it is discreet and fits like regular underwear. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about them staying in place and can be free to enjoy the everyday.

Anov Pads are there to give you peace of mind at night, with a high absorption rate to ensure that your sheets stay dry and clean. Therefore, this particular product is more beneficial for those that are unable to control their urinary incontinence at night. Anov Form is also another available option, and these benefit those with reduced or no mobility as they hug the body tightly, giving comfort and security. These are shaped with anti-leak cuffs, in order to prevent any spillages.

As well as being cost effective Anov products are also environmentally friendly as, whilst the products are not, their packaging is recyclable. AMD also aim to select renewable and recyclable raw materials; that way we can do right by our customers and do better by the planet.

Beaucare’s own national trainer, Vicki Crombleholme, is able to visit care homes and sites all across the UK. Vicki can hold sessions for staff and carers to ensure that they are confident in using the Anov products. The support she provides ensures the smooth transfer to Anov from any previous brand, giving the best results for you and those in your care.

For more information about Anov, and whether it’s right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Alternatively, please click here to see more incontinence solutions from Beaucare.