Patient slide sheets are an important item for carers. They are designed to be used in moving, transferring and repositioning a patient without having to lift them from somewhere such as a bed. They are key for patient mobility.

Most slide sheets operate singularly. They fold in half so that there are two ‘layers’ that slide over each other easily. With the patient resting on the top ‘layer’, they can be easily moved as the sheet slides over itself. Some slide sheets operate in pairs: one stays stationary underneath to act as a frictionless ‘base layer’ to the moving top sheet. Pairs of slide sheets can be useful for larger patients, as the sheet does not have to be folded in half.

Slide sheets are very smooth and have very little friction to ensure that there is easy movement and no friction burns or other discomfort to the patient. Their design is so to ensure that the process is as quick and efficient as possible. They ensure that the movement is safer, easier and more comfortable for both the patient and the carer.

Slide sheets should always be used by two carers – they require someone on either side of the patient to make sure that they are secure and safe during the repositioning.



  1. Have one carer stand on each side of the bed.
  2. Carefully roll the patient over onto their side. One carer securely holds them on their side while the other carer begins the process with the slide sheet.
  3. Fold the slide sheet in half. This is so that one half can slide over the other with the patient on top. Alternatively, if you have two slide sheets, simply having one sheet on top of the other instead of folding is sufficient. Place the slide sheet on the bed.
  4. Tuck the closed end of the folded slide sheet under the patient.
  5. Roll the patient back on top of the slide sheet – they will now be on their back.
  6. Roll the patient onto their other side onto the slide sheet. The carer who was previously supporting the patient on their side now pulls the slide sheet through under the patient. Make sure that it is still folded.
  7. Return the patient onto their back, who will now be lying on top of the folded slide sheet over the bed.
  8. By holding the edges of the slide sheet securely on each side, carers can move the patient around the bed easily, as the two surfaces of the sheet slide over each other.

A slide sheet is an effective way of manoeuvring a patient around on a bed or other flat surface without the need for lifting. This helps to avoid risk of injury both on behalf of the patient and the carer or carers. As such, they are essentials in terms of patient transfer equipment.

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