Bed Rails for the Elderly: Increased Safety whilst Sleeping


Older generations of individuals are one of the populations most prone to accidents, especially around their own home. It has therefore become important to create and use solutions that increase the safety of the elderly when at home or in care. Falling is the most common accident for the older generation, and 15% of these falls are out of a bed. Falls are often seen as inevitable and common for those will mobility problems, but these falls can lead to serious injury and can be prevented.

Why Do the Elderly Risk Falling Out of Bed?

There are a variety of factors that can lead to the elderly falling out of bed. Many elderly individuals struggle with getting in and out of bed, with their unsteadiness leading to a fall. Medication can contribute to this struggle, as it can affect the balance of individuals through inducing dizziness or disorientation.

It isn’t just getting in and out of bed that can cause a fall, but falling can also happen during sleep. Dreams that cause any sort of movement or anxiety can cause sudden movements that can lead to an elderly individual falling out of bed. Even rolling over during sleep can cause seniors to become confused and unaware of how close they are to the edge of the bed.

How Can Falling Out of Bed Be Prevented?

bed-rails-for-the-elderly-rails-showing-increased safety-while-sleeping

The possibility of elderly individuals rolling or falling out of bed can be a big worry. Bed rails are designed alleviate this worry through providing safety to the elderly when sleeping, giving peace of mind to the individual and their family or carer. Using bed rails provides support when helping individuals to get in and out of bed, as well as keeping them safe from falling off of the bed when sleeping.

There is a variety of bed rails available. If the main difficulty faced by the elderly individual is getting in and out of bed, a Bed Loop Rail clamps onto the base of a bed, offering support when getting in and out of bed. Alternatively, greater safety can be provided through Full Length Side Rails used alongside an overlay mattress. The rail sits on top of the existing bed side rail, to provide extra height and safety. The Telescopic Cot Sides for Divan Beds can be raised or lowered based on the safety needs that the individual possesses. For those with an extra high or pressure relief mattress, the Four Rail Telescopic Chrome Cot Sides is a good option.

Profile Beds and Bed Rails

If an elderly individual has a regular bed, this can make the struggle of getting in and out of bed harder than it needs to be. Profile Beds are designed to help with this and work well alongside bed rails. These beds have many benefits; not only are they good for mobility, but they are comfortable, long-lasting, and pressure relieving. We have a range of profile beds available at Beaucare, such as the ProBed® Emily Profiling Bed, which is the best value profiling bed on the market.

Other than bed rails, there are many care bed accessories that help towards making the elderly feel comfortable, and care of them easier.

Beaucare offer a fantastic range of bed rails, profile beds, and other bed care accessories. For more information or advice, contact our team. Whether you are looking for products for yourself or someone under your care, we are happy to help.