Buyers Guide To Bed Pans

One of the most useful pieces of equipment in care is the bed pan. These play a vital role whether at a patients home, in a care home environment or in hospital.

So What Is A Bed Pan?

A bed pan is a device used by those involved in care to allow the patient to use the toilet without having to be moved. So in instances where the patient is bedridden or lacks mobility, they can allow those handling care for them to assist them with toileting. For those with less severe conditions, then a commode is often a good alternative, as they allow toileting to take place in the same room, with specially suited commodes to the individual’s needs.

Why Do I Need A Bed Pan Or Commode?

As is always the case in care, different people require different methods of care in order to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible and that their needs are met. For example, for a lot of patients, mobility is an issue and in later years or following surgery or other procedures, they can often become bed ridden. In this case it is important to provide a dignified means to help them with toileting, and allow those in charge of care to assist in a helpful manner.

So what is the difference between a bed pan and a commode?

A bed pan, as the term suggests is a device that is designed to allow a patient to go about their toileting in bed – these are often disposable if used in a hospital, however hygienic non-disposable options are also available such as concave or slipper pans. Those that are bed ridden or are recovering from an operation or other procedure will benefit most from these.

Male patients can also be provided with urinals that work in a similar fashion to a bed pan, however they are specifically designed to help male patients urinate in a dignified manner as well as ensuring that they remain comfortable.

Commodes are a helpful tool for those that have issues with mobility but are not bed ridden. They allow the patient to be able to toilet more independently without having to leave the comfort of their room, and can be dealt with by a carer at a later date. For those who are more active yet struggle with moving independently at night, these are the idea;

How Do I Choose The Right Bed Pan or Commode?

When it comes down to choosing the right equipment for those in your care, then you need to take into account the individual needs of the person you are looking after. Some people are more suited to a commode due to being more mobile (and for that matter having a stronger need for independence) whereas some people especially in the early stages of rehabilitation require a little bit more assistance and as such the bed pan or urinal is the best option for these conditions.

Of course there is also the option of incontinence products such as incontinence pads and incontinence pants. Speak to Beaucare today, as our expert team can guide you through the right choices to make when it comes to bed pans, urinals and other incontinence and toileting aids. Send an email to or call 01423 873666.