Elderly Bathing Solutions: The Benefits Of A Hi-Lo Bath

When it comes to elderly bathing solutions, there is a host of options to choose from, including wet rooms, patient bath hoists and walk-in showers. However, when it comes to baths for the elderly in particular, a Hi-Lo bath is an all-round easy solution that will improve the quality of life of those using it. Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin and without knowing, the multiple benefits of Hi-Lo baths can be elusive.

What is Assistive Bathing?

Let’s start with defining assistive bathing solutions. These solutions help people who find accessibility for bathing impossible or extremely difficult. Assisted solutions help to make simple everyday tasks, such as bathing, a much more accessible and less daunting task for the elderly and the disabled.

Not only do assisted bathing solutions help users, but they can also relieve pressure on carers. UK carers make up approximately 12% of the population, with a further fifth of that statistic providing 50 or more hours of care each week. Increasing accessibility will greatly help to relieve the pressure careers having during bathing time.

Further Benefits of a Hi-Lo Bath

  1. Well-being

The number one benefit of using a Hi-Lo bath is, of course, providing a better quality of life for an individual. Relieving pain, difficulty and taking away the fear of falling, is guaranteed to increase both the physical and mental wellbeing of any user. Having a solution such as Hi-Lo baths or height-adjustable baths can really give dignity back to the bather, allowing them to be completely independent throughout the entire process. In addition, if users are able to use elderly bathing solutions more frequently due to newfound independence, it could help to cause greater protection against infection.

Moreover, baths, specifically over showers, are known to trigger relaxation and can aid sleep for those who struggle with it, making them a perfect incorporation for any bed/night time routine.


  1. Safety

As previously mentioned, Hi-Lo baths are able to significantly reduce the risk of falls and slippages. In addition, they provide safety benefits for carers too, who would normally risk muscle strain through having to manually lift and lower users in and out of the bath. It also lets carers, who remain in the house or present during bath time, to stay dry, causing less room for excess water and further reducing the risk of falling for both parties.

  1. Practicality and Cost Benefits

Overall, a specialist Hi-Lo assistive bathing solution can be fitted much easier and quicker than installing a wet room, for example. Furthermore, ongoing costs and maintenance can be much less. State of the art Hi-Lo baths, such as the Aquabathe™ Jubilee Hi-Lo Bath, require less servicing and maintenance, due to top quality watertight surfaces and fittings. In addition, although Hi-Lo baths are designed to help with the accessibility, they are also able to be used by any able-bodied user too therefore there is no need to have another separate bath for the rest of the family.

For further information on the installation process of a Hi-Lo bath, then please feel free to contact us, so we can work together to increase accessibility of bathing for someone you know. If you are considering other assistive solutions for your bathroom, to make all facilities more accessible, please read our previous post which provides a guide to the best toilet aids.