Getting In and Out of Bed: Bed Mobility Aids

There’s nothing quite like a long sleep-in in the cosy comfort of your bed. But while savouring time under the sheets may sound like a slice of bliss, getting out of bed can become increasingly difficult as we get older – and not just because we’re tired.

Getting both in and out of bed requires strength and flexibility and since our muscles grow weaker with age, it’s common for the elderly to experience unsteadiness, making what was once a simple task a little more taxing.

So if you’re struggling with instability, or just need a helping hand to get you on your feet in a morning, these bed mobility aids will help relieve any difficulties you are experiencing, while still remaining independent, and ensure you are safe by minimising the risk of falls.

Profile beds

Profile Bed Mobility Aid

Profiling beds are a great solution if you’re having trouble getting in and out of bed. They come with adjustable features which enable you to easily reposition the way you are lying.

Most profile beds are electronically operated, allowing you to raise the back and head rest of the bed to a sitting position without the need of assistance. Many models also come with height adjustable features, so they can be easily lowered to make climbing in and out of bed much easier, along with side rails for added assistance.

We offer a range of profile beds with a variety of versatile features to suit your individual needs.

Bed rails

Bed Rails Mobility Aid

Rolling over in bed at night can cause elderly people to become a bit disorientated, so it’s easy for them to misjudge where they are and encounter a fall. Installing a bed rail will prevent this from happening and alleviate any worries of having an accident.

As well as the safety benefits of bed rails, they are also helpful tools for getting up and out of bed. They povide something strong and sturdy to grab hold of until you are steady on your feet.

We have a variety of different bed rail options for the elderly available from bed loop rails which clamp onto the base of the bed and offer support for getting in and out, to full length side rails which are great for preventing any falls.

Bed wedges

Bed Wedge Mobility Aid

Pillows and cushions on your bed are great for comfort, but because they’re so soft it can make getting up off the mattress a more difficult task. Bed wedges are handy tools which you can place underneath your pillow, or under your feet if you want to relieve some pressure off your lower back. Since they’re made of foam, it offers you more sturdy support which is both beneficial to your posture and for getting in and out of bed.

These are perfect if you enjoy reading in bed on an evening, or if you like to treat yourself to breakfast in bed. Bed wedges give your back much more support than a regular pillow and its compact design will make manoeuvring yourself off the mattress a lot easier.

If you would like any more information or support on how to stay mobile at home or outdoors feel free to contact us and get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to advise on the best mobility aids for your individual requirements.