Keep Memories Safe With a Dementia Memory Box

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With 47 million people worldwide living with some form of dementia, there are a lot of memories that need keeping safe. We want to help you protect those valuable memories this World Alzheimer’s day.  You can help protect dementia patient’s memories with the dementia memory box. Keeping personal items in a physical memory box helps to stimulate memory recollection and ensures that these valuable items are easily accessible. When Alzheimer’s begins to affect the memory, patients can feel as though their identity is slipping away. A physical memory box can play a significant part in sustaining and storing an individual’s identity, as our memories help form our identities.  The memory box is a valuable memory trove that can be easily curated and then revisited again and again.

Putting together a memory box can be a therapeutic and creative activity for patients, it can be extremely beneficial if relatives are involved in the process. It can also be used to help improve communication between patients and their carers as items may inspire discussions. Depending on what is in the memory box - it can help to engage the patient’s senses to evoke various memories. Keep in mind that some of the possessions in the memory box may trigger negative memories, this is to be expected. However, if it is a frequent occurrence, it may be an idea to replace some of the items in the memory box with things that will induce more positive memories. When assembling the memory box be wary of including high-value items or irreplaceable objects that can be easily broken or damaged. For safety reasons, it is best not to include anything sharp or heavy. Consider labelling items in the memory box, as this may help trigger that patient’s memories while also assisting the carer or relative to understand why that particular article is in the memory box.

Ideas of what to include in the memory box

  • A favourite book
  • A favourite piece of clothing or jewellery
  • A favourite perfume
  • Any trophies or awards
  • A family heirloom
  • Photographs of family and friends
  • Postcards
  • Souvenirs from holidays or trips away
  • Letters and diaries
  • Any drawings created by children or grandchildren
  • A stuffed teddy bear or a baby toy

Dementia patients should be encouraged to hold each item in the box and talk through what thoughts or memories each piece evokes in the individual. A dementia memory box can do more than just stir memories in patients. Patients can actively use it to reminisce and share experiences with family members and carers. As a collection of treasured memories, a memory box can also help to provide some form of comfort to loved ones if and when a patient passes away.

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