Odour Control: why it’s important for your environment to smell inviting.

This handy guide helps you to find the perfect solution to malodours in your premises. We discuss great, new products to help you respond to the new roadmap guidelines released this week.

With the bloom of spring comes the recent announcement from the government of our roadmap out of lockdown, meaning companies can finally start preparing to reopen to the wider public again.

When you reopen, undoubtedly there will be enhanced cleaning plans and social distancing measures in place assuring the public. However, with cleaning can come harsh lingering chemical smells. Alongside this, environments with poor ventilation or limited air flow can be off putting for customers, residents, or visitors.

There is nothing more inviting than entering a building and being greeted by an uplifting, clean scent.

Studies have shown that scents evoke associated emotions; clean smells increase mood and in turn improve mental health. Therefore, for any premises, be that a care home, kitchen, school, or even your own home, it is important to have the environment smelling neutral, fresh and inviting.

After a year of living through a pandemic we’ve all learnt how important keeping safe, clean and well is. We’ve all focused on disinfecting for infection-control to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses however it may come as a shock to learn that some strains of bacteria can actually help clean.

Yorkshire based company, BioBax, have made it their mission to create a powerful range of eco-friendly, microbiological products called Zybax. By using active micro-organisms (bacteria), their products can easily clean, remove smells and stubborn stains without the need for harmful chemicals. Whilst we all understand the importance of sanitising, communal spaces should still be welcoming, the Zybax range ensures an industry standard clean coupled with a natural, appealing scent – a breath of fresh air for cleaning products.


What we recommend:

Zybax Advance - Revolutionary Air Freshner

For use on:

In the air as a freshener and can also be used on fabrics and furnishings.

Eliminates odours including: urine, faeces, pet smells, food odours, tobacco, body odour and even suppresses chemical odours.

Available in fresh Mint and Linen fragrances.

Zybax Ultra - Odour Eliminator and Multi-purpose Cleaner

An ultimate low-foaming odour eliminator and multi-purpose cleaner. It contains 4 active odour eliminators including bacteria and Odourbond™- a specially formulated reagent which attacks odours on a molecular level.

Odourbond™ works by changing the structure, bonding to the odour molecules and chemically altering its properties, removing the malodour and leaving behind the smell of the carefully selected fragrance.

For use on:

Any surface, such as: washrooms, floors, wall and toilets and urinals, carpets, curtains, upholstery and areas such as mattresses and linen trolleys.

Other products within the Zybax range:

With the recent green budget announcement this week, we are proud to partner with brands such as BioBax whose ethos is environmentally friendly in everything they create.

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