Bath Hoists and Bath Aids for the Elderly

Having a bath should be both a comfortable and relaxing experience. However, for elderly individuals that struggle with mobility, taking a bath can instead be dangerous and frustrating. Because of this, bath hoists and aids have been created to provide a safer bathing experience to both patients and caregivers.

Bath Hoist

A bath hoist is a moveable and raised seat that helps individuals get into and out of a bath. This makes it suitable for increasing bathroom safety for the elderly. Hoists can be manually operated or electronic. For a manual bath hoist, the seat can be manoeuvred through the winding of a handle. The seat swivels and rises up over the rim of the bath, and then lowers the user into the bath. For an electronic bath hoist. The seat is raised and lowered through the use of a hand control. The easy manoeuvrability makes electronic hoists more suitable for individuals who live alone and do not have a carer. Bath hoists differ slightly from bath lifts as they rise high enough for the user to not have to lift their legs over the rim of the bath. This can prevent any difficulties or dangers that may be faced when individuals have to adjust their legs to get into the bath.

Bath Aids

There are various other bath aids available, all with the aim of increasing the ease of which the elderly can get in and out of the bath. A bath step is adjustable in height and means that individuals do not have to bend as much when stepping into the bath. The non-slip feet make it a safe option for those with slight mobility issues, but still possess the ability to step over the rim of the bath.

Bath boards are another useful bath aid. They provide a seated platform whereby someone can get in and out of the bath by transferring onto the seat. The bath board fits from one side of the bath to the other. Using this aid involves individuals moving their legs over the bath rim, and so is best to do when a carer is present or when mobility is not too limited.

A bath seat provides a platform to sit on in the bath, but requires the ability to lift oneself into and out of the bath. These are ideal for elderly people with limited mobility around the knee joints and arms. Bath seats come in a variety of forms, for example, as a stand alone bath seat with suction pads on the bottom. Alternatively, some seats have raised bars that sit on top of the bath, with a suspended seat between.

Introducing a bath aid into your bathing routine can help tremendously with getting in and out of the bath. The type of aid suitable to individuals depends entirely on their mobility and whether or not they have a carer to help them. For individuals who struggle only a little and are looking for an aid to make life that little bit easier, a bath step, board, or seat would be a good option. For elderly people with greater mobility problems, a bath hoist can be the perfect aid in helping them to bathe. An electronic bath hoist requires the least effort and can be extremely useful. However, manual bath hoists can be just as effective if a carer is present.

Beaucare have a vast range of bathroom aids for domestic use and care homes. If you would like more information on bath hoists or other bathroom aids, do not hesitate to contact us