Beaucare® Medical Sponsor Archery Youngster

Beaucare® Medical Sponsor Archery Youngster

A shooting star in the making, Ben Daniel of Harrogate is taking the Archery world by storm.  He’s only 13 years old and started shooting just two years ago, with the St Georges Archery Club.

Ben is training with the Yorkshire Archery Team Squad and Archery Academy Talent ID Programme, the future looks bright.   He has already had a great deal of success in his competition career, including ten current Yorkshire records and one National record. Then National Champion for his age group in 2013/14 and Ranked 2nd Nationally for his age group in 2013 for Clout Archery.

Beaucare® Medical Ltd are pleased to announce they are sponsoring Ben for the 2014 season, contributing to the support of his progression , which may assist with the purchase of new equipment, training, competition entries and travel costs.

Jonathan Brown, MD of Beaucare, ‘Wishes Ben the best of luck for the season and look forward to hearing about his successes’.

Ben’s parents are currently looking for other sponsor contributions, if you are interested contact Mrs Nicola Daniel on email