Beaucare Professionals to become Accredited Zybax Odour Doctors

Beaucare Medical were happy to welcome Wendy Horne, the National Sales Manager of Zybax and accredited ‘Odour Doctor’.

zybax odour doctors

Zybax are one of the UK’s leading professional cleaning and odour eliminating product manufacturers. Its growing range of professional products has been developed for businesses and cleaning professionals in the care, health, leisure, auto and education sectors.

Zybax are as respected for their high-quality products as they are for their impeccable service, both before and after sales.

“We understand that it’s not just about developing products, people need to know how to use them too. Our training sessions are intended to help our customers and distributors get the very best out of our products and maximise their return on investment. We train people to become Odour Doctors.”, Wendy Horne stated.

Vicki Wilson, National Trainer - is now Beaucare Medical Ltd's own Odour Dr.

Since the training session, Beaucare have experienced a rise in sales of Zybax products and are looking forward to further sessions with Wendy.

Zybax offer complimentary training sessions for customers and distributors to become accredited ‘Odour Doctors’.