The Importance Of Comfortable Care Home Patient Seating

Using Rise and Recliner Chairs to Keep Your Patients Comfortable

Care homes are a business that the country is becoming ever reliant on; as with an aging population, there are more and more people who are living longer, however they lack the mobility or health to look after themselves as they would have done at a younger age. Families want the best for their elderly relatives, and therefore they are going to judge care homes based on the quality of care and the standard of the facilities that their relative is going to spend their days in.

The facilities you offer your patients are important, as you want them to feel at home and rise and recliner chairsto be comfortable. Care home patient seating and other forms of  care home furniture are an important part of this, as a lot of patients will lack mobility and therefore spend a lot of time seated in communal areas. This also means that the patient seating that you choose has to be suitable to help your staff easily help your patients to their feet. This is where a rise and recliner chair helps.

What Are Rise And Recliner Chairs?

Rise and Recliner chairs, are a specially designed option when it comes to patient care home seating. They come in a range of styles and finishes, however the main premise is that as the name suggests they have a range of positions that allows the person sat in the chair or to move from a reclining position to a standard upright to allowing you to ease your patient to the feet with the forward tilting riser position.

What Are The Benefits Of A Rise And Recliner Chair?

Picking the right care home patient seating is important for your business and the well being of both your staff and patients. A Rise and Recliner Chair is a great investment, as it has a number of benefits such as:

-          Making Life Easy For Staff – a rise and recliner chair is the ideal way to help your staff assist a patient in getting up and on their feet, especially if they suffer from limited mobility. The rise functionality of the chair means that patients can be eased into a standing position with minimal strain on the staff.

-          Patient Comfort – being able to move the patients position through a variety of degrees means that that they can be seated comfortably, and if they have any posture needs, they can have the chair adjusted in a fashion that suits the way that they need to be sat.

-          Patient Safety – the reclining features of a rise and recliner chair mean that allowing those with limited movement to be able to raise and lower their legs so as to prevent sores and clotting due to a lack of movement.

What Other Special Care Home Furniture Should I Consider?

Depending on the type of patients that you take in, then you can furnish your care home accordingly. Profiling beds and pressure relieving mattresses and pillows are a useful addition as they work in a similar fashion allowing for patient comfort and making the life of staff easier, therefore making the care experience a lot nicer and more rewarding.

Different types of care home may also require specific types of furniture. Those who mainly focus on care for those with dementia may want furniture that is designed to protect patents from injury; and other care homes may want patient furniture that is toughened, if the patients have behavioural problems or similar.