Choosing the Right Pressure Mattress


choosing the right pressure mattress


People with limited mobility often suffer from pressure ulcers, otherwise known as bed sores. Pressure ulcers can occur when:

  • An area of skin is under extreme pressure for a short amount of time
  • An area of skin is under considerable pressure for a longer period of time

By taking steps to prevent pressure ulcers, such as choosing a suitable Pressure Relieving Mattress, you can prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort to those in your care. Choosing the correct pressure relief mattress requires you to determine how likely it is that the individual will develop bed sores, which translates to their level of risk. Beaucare supplies pressure sore mattresses for low, medium and high risk patients.

There are a number of reasons why a person might benefit from a pressure relieving mattress:

  1. Limited Mobility

This is arguably the most important factor in determining whether a patient will develop pressure ulcers. The more confined they are to their bed and the less the patient can adjust themselves without help, the greater the risk of pressure sores. This is because they will be less likely to move themselves to level out the pressure. For example, a patient with a spinal cord injury will be much more likely to develop a pressure sore than a patient with a broken leg.

  1. Skin Integrity

A trained health professional should assess the patient’s skin to see how it handles high levels of pressure, and also to check for changes in the skin’s colour and differences in heat, moisture and firmness.

Ageing skin is also more prone to pressure ulcers. This can be due to less fat underneath the skin, as well reduced elasticity and blood flow.

  1. Other conditions

Health conditions affecting the blood are another reason why individuals may be more prone to bed sores. For example, kidney failure can lead to increased levels of toxins in the blood. This can result in the patient experiencing tissue damage, increasing their chances of developing bed sores when immobile for a considerable length of time.

Mental health conditions such as severe depression can also increase the chances of developing pressure ulcers. This is because of the associated behaviours and side effects that often accompany them, such as a poor diet and the potential neglect of personal hygiene.

Which pressure mattress is best for my patient?

A thorough assessment of the contributing factors above will help you to identify which mattress is best for your patient’s requirements. There are a range of pressure relieving mattresses available to suit everyone, from low to very high risk patients:

  • Low risk

With low risk patients, it might be worth considering whether it is worth purchasing a pressure mattress. This will largely depend on the length of time the patient will have to spend in bed and their ability to move themselves, as well as a thorough assessment of their existing health records.

  • Medium risk

Medium risk patients have a reasonable chance of developing pressure ulcers, and would certainly benefit from a pressure mattress. Beaucare offer a wide range of mattresses suited to this risk level including the  ATMO Medium Risk Overlay Mattress. Offering both alternating and static pressure therapy, its innovative design ensures the best possible care for the patient. It also provides the ability to adjust the pressure features to suit the patient, and a waterproof cover to protect the pressure mattress.

  • High risk 

A pressure mattress is a fantastic asset for patients with a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Beaucare stock a wide selection of pressure relieving mattresses for high risk patients to suit individual requirements and budgets. For example, the ATMO Atlas 9 features an alternating pressure system which works to stimulate capillaries and prevent pressure sores.

Suited to those with a lower budget, the ATMO Saturn also features some fantastic pressure relieving qualities which makes it perfect for medium/high risk or stage 3 patients. Featuring both a quiet, low energy and dynamic system, as well as static pressure relief, it can be perfect for patients weighing up to 22 stone.

  • Very high risk

Our mattresses for patients who are at a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers are state of the art, offering patients the best possible level of care. With three products from our leading ATMO range, we cater for every patient. For example, our Helius mattress can support a weight of up to 71 stone.

How can we help?

Beaucare understands that choosing a pressure mattress could have a huge impact on someone's life, which is why we have a friendly, knowledgeable team who are happy to answer any of your queries, and offer guidance as to which mattress is best for your requirements. We also offer an excellent repair and maintenance service which will keep your mattress in great condition for many years to come. Contact us today by calling 01423 873666, or fill out our online contact form for a fast response.