Evacuation products from Beaucare Medical

Beaucare Medical Ltd, the UK's premier supplier of hygiene, medical supplies and equipment to private care homes and hospitals, have launched a new range of evacuation products especially designed to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order of 2005, which outlines general fire precautions required in residential care homes.

In situations of emergency, such as fire, residential care homes must be able to protect and safely remove residents who may require additional support to evacuate the building.

Beaucare have therefore introduced an Evacuation Sheet and Evacuation Foldaway Pad. The Evacuation Sheet fixes permanently to the bottom of a mattress, enabling the patient to be removed on the mattress, removing the need to move the resident. The Evacuation Foldaway Pad, is designed to be attached to any wall and opened out to create a sledge to carry the resident out of the building. Both products are in stock and available.

For sales & enquiries please contact: Tel: 01423 878899, Email: sales@beaucare.com