February Special Offers

February Special Offers

Beaucare's February Special Offers are now out! Offering superb deals on a massive range of healthcare and care home equipment and supplies.

Toileting and Bathroom Equipment - February Special Offers

The Mobile Commode Chair is the ideal solution for toileting in a care home, healthcare establishment or at home. The powder coated steel frame ensures longevity and makes the commode easy to clean. The stable commode seat has an integrated pan holder. Available in the February Special Offers for only £80.

The AquabatheTM Tilt Shower Chair helps aid in the washing of patients. Comfortable for the user, the AquabatheTM Tilt Shower Chair can tilt between 0 - 35 degrees and the padded head rest, side pads and seat ensures maximum comfort. Pay just £585 for the AquabatheTM Tilt Shower Chair.

Raised Blue Padded Toilet Seats help maximise comfort for patients and helps with patients and assists patients that struggle to sit down to a low height. The Padded Toilet Seat can be removed and stored thus offering complete discreteness and, because of the soft polyurethane material, it's easy to clean. Available from only £29, these Raised Blue Padded Toilet Seats come in a 50 or 100ml option.


Fall Prevention Equipment - Buy 2 & Get 1 FREE!

Falls in care homes and other healthcare establishments is a real risk, (read our blog about it!) Thankfully, Beaucare's range of fall prevention equipment helps minimise falls and alert nurses and carers of patient activity.  In the Beaucare February Special Offers if you buy 2 of these fall prevention products you get 1 absolutely FREE.*

The Floor Sensor Pads offer flexibility on where they can be placed, for example;

  • A route towards a staircase
  • In a door way
  • On the floor beside a bed.

As soon as patient stands on these pads a carer or nurse is alerted, allowing them to act before the patient falls. These Floor Sensor Pads are available from just £56.

Place the Chair Sensor Pads on any chair, fixed style or a recliner, and the pads will alert nurses and care home staff when the patient leaves the chair. Pay just £104.50 for the Chair Sensor Pads.

Bed Sensor Pads offer peace of mind when it comes to fall prevention. Place the pads at the top of the bed when you want to be alerted of the patient sitting up, place it in the middle of the bed when you want to be alerted of the patient exiting the bed. These Bed Sensor Pads can be used on divan beds or profiling care beds. From only £104.50 each, these bed sensor pads are ideal for most care homes!

All of the Ramblegard fall prevention equipment featured in the February Special Offers can be integrated with existing nurse call systems or used as a stand alone system. They are also available in a wireless or wired configuration.


Sharpsguard® Systems - February Special Offers

Offering a safe way to dispose of sharps equipment (needles, scalpels and blades, infusion sets etc.) these sharps bins can be supplied in contaminated, non contaminated or cytotoxic  options to safely dispose of items appropriately. Available in various sizes from 0.6lt up to 22lt. NOW from only £1.29

Sharps Bin Trays are designed to reduce the risk of injury, offering a secure and safe place to temporarily leave sharps while caring for patients. Available for only £46.75 for a pack of 25.

Sharps Specimen Container is designed for the safe transportation of specimen samples to hospitals, labs or surgeries for analysis. The container has a double hinged lid which is secured in place by latches on the front of the container, offering a secure container for transport. Buy for only £19.95


Bio Hazard Spillage Kits - February Special Offers

A new and safe system for the disinfection and removal of blood, vomit and urine. The 5 application set is available for only £17.95 and is the perfect solution for an emergency clean up. These sets are also available in single and double applications.

Body Spill Granules come in 10g bags and offer a convenient, easy to use method of removing blood, vomit and urine. Available for only £17.75.


Keep the Bugs at Bay - February Special Offers

Infection control tape ensures that rooms and equipment are clean and sanitised before use. Beaucare's infection control tapes are suitable for all types of applications, contact us to find out more.

Clinell® are world leaders in infection control consumables, the February Special Offers present Clinell® Sporicidal Wipes- The Most Powerful Wipe in the World. The wipe produces peracetic acid, which will kill all known germ groups and microorganisms, making it a safe alternative to chlorine products. These wipes are designed for use on all surfaces and all non-invasive equipment. NOW only £9.95 for a pack of 25.

Purell® Advanced kills 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful, available in various sizes from 60ml bottles to 1250ml dispenser refills, these hygienic hand rubs are available from as little as 99p.

First Aid Essentials - February Special Offers

Catering First Aid Kits are available for only £17.55 and offer a kit specifically designed for catering environments, such as kitchens.

The Burns First Aid Kit has been designed for users that may be at risk of burns injuries. NOW £12.75.

Eye Wash Stations are required in work places where the user is at risk of any eye injury. These eye wash stations come with a wall mountable shelf that holds 2 sterile eye wash liquids, 2 eye dressings and mirror. Available for only £9.95

Beaucare Medical February Special Offers Beaucare Medical February Special Offers




*Cheapest item free, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.