Five Ways to Improve Bathroom Mobility

As people age, it is inevitable that their mobility will start to decline. However, the wide range of cutting-edge technology available and our improved understanding can help to promote independence and make the homes of elderly and disabled individuals more accessible.

By being proactive and taking the necessary steps to improve mobility, we are helping to provide dignity and independence to those who are still largely able to care for themselves. Nurses and carers will also find their jobs more manageable, as patients will be able to accomplish more on their own. A lot of bathroom aids and solutions are affordable, meaning that regardless of budget, there is a way in which you can help to improve the bathroom mobility for either yourself or someone close to you.

How You Can Improve Bathroom Mobility

1.      Grants

Adapting a bathroom to suit someone with reduced mobility can be costly, which is why the government offer Disabled Facilities Grants. These grants will not affect any benefits that you might already receive, and can help to improve with general accessibility to facilities and areas of the house. Contacting Home Improvement Agencies is another way to improve bathroom mobility if finance is a major obstacle. They can provide support to elderly or disabled persons, as well as those with lower incomes.

2.      Bathing

The addition of a Bath Hoist into a bathroom can help to ensure the safety of the user and reduce the strain on carers. This mobility solution is definitely a more expensive option, however it can have an enormously positive impact on the life of its user. Both manual and electric versions are available depending on your requirements and price bracket.

A cheaper alternative is the purchase of a Bath Board or Shower Chair. Bath boards can provide a base and a safe way for those with lessened mobility to get in and out of the bath. Shower seats can be incorporated into showers or wet rooms to help to reduce any strain caused from standing for a prolonged period of time. Wet rooms are always recommended for those with reduced mobility, and they are especially beneficial for wheelchair users. They can eliminate obstacles found in ordinary bathrooms, such as the side of the bath or a raised shower base.

3.      Height of Facilities

The height of wash basins and toilets can have a profound effect on the user’s experience of the bathroom. The height of the wash basin is important, especially for people in wheelchairs. It should be the appropriate height for the individual, and have a gap underneath it so that users in wheelchairs can wash their hands without having to stretch too far. Ideally toilets should be 17 to 19 inches above the ground, as this stops older people who experience joint problems from having to bend down lower than necessary.

Going to the toilet is a personal and private aspect of our lives, and it is something we should be able to do independently for as long as possible. If you don’t wish to invest in a new or moved toilet, then incorporating toilet mobility aids such as raised toilet seats can help those who find it difficult to stand up and sit down; reducing unnecessary strain and improving their bathroom experience. Toilet surrounds can have the same effect by increasing the user’s stability and confidence when using the toilet by themselves.

4.      Door Width

This is especially important for people in wheelchairs. It is pointless making a bathroom accessible if the user can’t even get through the door! Door width for wheelchair access should be at least 32 inches, however ideally this could be as wide as 36 inches to help eliminate unnecessary maneuvering as the user moves around.

5.      Grab Rails

Grab Rails are a great addition to your bathroom and home, and are commonly placed next to stairs, baths and showers, and at entrances involving steps. They are often situated in hospitals and homes to help the person support their weight and are fairly inexpensive, such as our 90 Degree Fluted Angle Grab Rail.

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