Innovative Products to Help with Dementia

We have years of experience and knowledge in sourcing innovative solutions and quality medical equipment to promote greater independence and care. During that time, we have developed a wide range of products to help individuals living with dementia. Different products can be useful at various stages of dementia, and we have developed a guide on these stages, the most appropriate dementia products, and when they should be introduced.

Dementia products can be extremely beneficial for individuals diagnosed with the condition and often provide much needed support and independence. Having dementia can turn simple everyday tasks into something much more problematic and finding the right dementia product can alleviate some of those challenges. Discover our range of products for dementia below and find revolutionary solutions to everyday living.

Puree Food Molds to Transform Mealtimes

Puree Food MoldsAs dementia developments, the ability to swallow often begins to diminish in what is known as dysphasia. In such cases, pureed food is an ideal and sometimes necessary solution. People with dysphasia are still able to eat food and take in important nutrients when food is pureed, as substances are much easier to swallow in this form. However, this transition can be far from an easy one. Swapping solids for pureed food can be extremely difficult and people sometimes feel as though some of their dignity is being lost.

To tackle this feeling, puree food molds are a fantastic dementia product which allows carers and family members to shape the puree to resemble the shape of the food product that has been pureed. Broccoli puree can be made to look like a solid broccoli, chicken puree can look like chicken, and the same for carrots, peas, and more. This means that pureed food can be made to look like solid food and be much easier to process for someone with dementia. You can transform mealtimes for dementia patients with this simple but effective solution.

Dining Sets and Cutlery Dementia Products

Ornamin dementia dining set at Beaucare

Difficulties can develop with physically being unable to eat and therefore nourishment can often be affected as a result of individuals not being properly supported at mealtimes. It's also important to factor in the social aspects of mealtimes too as confidence to use cutlery may also be challenging, especially in the company of others.

This is because dementia can sometimes affect an individual's dexterity and they may struggle to feed themselves and use cutlery safely. In such cases, specially designed dishes, cutlery, and mugs can transform mealtimes.

Dignity plates incorporate a slope in the bottom of the dish so that patients can scoop their own food with ease. Plastic cutlery allows individuals to use cutlery themselves without risk of injury, and plastic handled cutlery is much easier to hold than regular cutlery. Thermo mugs are also great at allowing dementia patients to maintain their independence with drinking as these mugs make sure that liquids remain warm, while the mug itself is virtually unbreakable and not too hot to touch. We also sell an Ornamin dementia dining set that includes plates, a bowl, mug, and non-slip cup in one easy-to-use set.

Memory Care Products for Dementia

Memory Care Products for Dementia

Memory loss is another common symptom of dementia, but among our products to help with dementia are various memory care aids to help individuals remember important things. Having such products can be extremely beneficial in supporting dementia patients and avoiding frustration and anger as a result of their memory loss.

Reminder frames provide effective visual prompts for individuals with dementia. This could be anything from a reminder about special birthdays or remembering to take tablets. Activity boards are also great for letting someone know what their day or week entails and helps to avoid surprise and confusion.

For patients with more severe memory loss, visual memory boxes can be extremely useful in triggering important recollections. For those with severe dementia who may forget their family, friends or perhaps even themselves, a memory box provides the opportunity to present photographs, postcards, drawings, and other visual triggers. It's also a great way of personalising a room if the patient is in a care home or hospital.

Mobility Aids for Dementia

Mobility Aids for Dementia

Dementia can have a large impact on physical capabilities, particularly in the later stages of the condition, where a person might lose the ability to walk and move without the use of mobility aids. In such cases, there are numerous mobility aids that promote greater independence without compromising on patient safety.

Understandably, using the toilet is something an older person wants to do alone for as long as possible to maintain their dignity and independence. Our adjustable coloured toilet surrounds can make this possible. For someone with mobility difficulties, a toilet surround can provide additional support and stability when using the toilet, and can be the difference in being able to go to the toilet by themselves and needing a carer.


We have a large selection of dementia products and we are able to offer solutions to many of the challenges that arise with dementia. In many cases, products for dementia can be helpful in establishing a dementia daily routine, however you can take a look at our guide for additional tips on how to do this.

If you require any further advice about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist.