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patient washing

Washing is a personal and private activity that some patients may find difficult. Waterless washing products can be the ideal choice for patient washing for a number of reasons. Nilaqua’s innovative waterless patient washing solutions are specifically formulated to aid the washing of patients who have difficulty using water. Nilaqua’s range enables safe and effective patient washing without the use of water, these products are ideal for patients of palliative care, dementia or those with limited mobility. When patients have difficulty moving or bending, are bed bound or recovering postoperative procedures these waterless solutions are perfect for providing patient bed baths. Waterless products may also be used to help patients to adjust to changes in washing measures. It is essential that carers communicate effectively with patients, so they know and understand any changes in their hygiene procedures, as uncommunicated changes in their washing routines may induce stress or a reluctance to bathe in future.

Designed with both the patient and carer in mind these simple towel-off products cut bathing time in half and reduce patient and carer strain. These water free options can also be used to allow patients some independence and control over their own hygiene.  Though these products cut down the duration of patient washing, carers should take the appropriate measures to ensure the patient is fully cleaned whilst utilising the opportunity to examine patients, especially if the person is incontinent or has limited mobility.

Carers should check for any red or sore areas that may be pressure ulcers and be sure to discuss any skin complaints that may be of discomfort or concern to the individual. The Niquila range consists of gentle pH-balanced formulas with no alcohol or parabens, the products are pleasantly fragranced to help improve patients washing experience. Unfragranced options are also available, these options contain antibacterial properties and are ideal for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

These waterless solutions can be temporarily ideal for these patients who are reluctant to bathe or even for those who have anxieties about bathing in deep water, using overhead showers or those who experience water temperature sensitivity. They can be used to help improve patients washing experience and their comfort when undressing in front of carers. These products provide patients with the comfort and dignity they require in their personal hygiene routine.

Tips for encouraging patients to wash

  • Try to have a person familiar to the patient there, preferably of the same sex as this may make them more comfortable and amenable
  • Discuss previous washing routines with the patient and find out their preferences, give the patient choice, for example, would they prefer a bath or a shower
  • It may be easier to encourage washing if they are going somewhere that day or if they have visitors coming to see them
  • Flexibility is important, they may not want to wash when you ask them too but they may be more lenient towards bathing later in the day
  • Communicate the patient's involvement in the washing process: have them hold the shampoo or sponge if they are able
  • Always be wary of the individual’s privacy, assist them by covering them with a towel whilst they undress and cover them as soon as they are washed

Washing should never be the final step: thorough towel drying should not be overlooked in order to reduce the risk of skin chafing and discomfort in the patient. It may be a good idea to sit the patient down and adopt a patting technique instead of rubbing the patient dry which may provoke any skin conditions. Moisturising is also an important part of after-bath care, not only to maintain the patient’s skin care but because it can also improve patient’s sense of well-being and self-esteem. Talcum powder should also be used in any folds and creases of the patient's skin to lower the risk of rashes and other skin ailments. A high level of after-bath care combined with cleanliness helps to sustain the overall confidence and happiness of older people in care environments.

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