Safe Patient Transfer Equipment

What Is Safe Patient Transfer?

One of the issues often faced by those in the medical and care professions, is that they need a system in place for Safe Patient Transfer. As the name suggests, this involves safely transferring a patient from one place to another – whether that is from bed to wheelchair or stretcher to bed.

There are two important factors involved with this – skilled well trained staff who know how to deal with patient transfer and handling in a safe and caring manner; and having the right Safe Patient Transfer Equipment to make sure that the patient is transferred from a to b in a safe and comfortable fashion.

Types Of Safe Patient Transfer EquipmentBanana Board Prime

There is a range of Safe Patient Transfer Equipment available, and depending on the needs of your patients and the functions you need to perform, different ones suit different needs. Some of these include:

  • The Banana Board – this is a method of transferring a patient from one seated area to another. For example you may be traveling with the patient and require help to get them in or out of a vehicle from a wheelchair, or into a seat from their wheelchair or vice versa. The Banana Board makes the job of those providing care easier as they can move a patient with little effort.
  • Patient Turntables – a turntable is a suitable way to safely rotate a patient from a to b. Our high quality patient turntables mean that you can manoeuvre a patient easily in order to make caring and treating them simple and easy for you and for them.
  • Slide Sheets – Patient Slide Sheets are designed to help transfer those in your care from a bed to a stretcher or another bed simply and effectively.
  • Evacuation Equipment – if you have patients in a care home or hospital environment, then they are likely to be less mobile; therefore evacuation equipment, is designed to help care staff aid the evacuation of their patients with easy to use equipment, that keeps those you are caring for safe.

Is Patient Transfer Equipment A Requirement?

For both the safety of patients and those who are charged with their care, then especially in the NHS it is legally required that anyone who is responsible for handling, transferring or lifting someone needs the correct patient transfer equipment to avoid injuries. This legislation protects the carers and the people in care meaning that patient handling equipment is an essential addition to any care environment.

Here at Beaucare, we use our knowledge and expertise in the field of care and medical, in order to help you make the right informed decisions about what Safe Patient Transfer Equipment you might need, based on the requirements of your business and your patients. Speak to our expert team and see what we can do to make the lives of you, your staff and your patients easier.