Sales Manager races to national success

Our Sales Manager has smashed targets of a different kind by bringing home not one, but two National Autograss Racing trophies.

Emily Gill took on hopefuls from across the UK at the Ladies and Junior Nationals in St Neots, bagging two second place trophies after competing for only two years in her current class.

From April to October, Emily, her brother and father (also fellow racers) can be found at meets every weekend and they try to compete at as many monthly races as possible. Emily has been driving in Autograss since she was 17 and is working hard to build on her expertise and progress through the car classes.

Autograss is non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval (approx 400 m) track using a natural soil surface. It is a high octane sport and one which she enjoys the full support of her employer to pursue. She drives a car sponsored by Beaucare and the team eagerly follows her race progress.

Emily said of her recent wins: 'After the qualifying heats I was joint third. It was a very close competition.  At this stage in my racing career, coming away with two such hotly contested second place trophies is a great feeling. I am so grateful to Beaucare for the amazing support they give me and for the interest they show in my passion.'

Jonathan Brown, MD of Beaucare 'We are so proud of Emily's consistent achievements both on and off the track. We are delighted to see her progress in the sport and look forward to celebrating future wins with her.'