The Benefits Of A Profile Bed

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What Is A Profile Bed?

A Profile Bed, is a specially designed bed that allows the patient to be able to manipulate the way that they are lying, by being able to move various parts through various degrees. These beds have a trendelenburg which allows for the positioning of a patient in a way that is comforting and good for circulation. Profile beds tend to have wheels or castors so they can be easily moved.

Alongside this they can work in tandem with a range of pressure relief products, meaning that they have a lot of benefit to the care and medical professions.

Advantages Of A Profile Bed

When it comes to beds for hospitals and the care sector, then it is i
mportant to take the patient’s well being and comfort into consideration. In a country with an aging population, it is inevitable that people will tend to deteriorate in terms of health and well being as they grow older and that care for them will need to be provided. As time goes on then physical issues can arise and the need for a comfortable night’s sleep cannot be satisfied with a normal bed. One solution to this issue is the profiling bed.

A profiling care bed is a bed which can be put into various positions of elevation to suit the user. So for example in order to encourage better circulation then raising a limb or having the patient propped up is one of the options available.

Who Might Need A Profile Bed?

A profiling bed has a multitude of uses for various people as they are hugely versatile. One common use of a profiling bed is in care homes or in hospitals. This is because a variety of people have a variety of different needs. Conditions may come and go; and if this is the case the profiling bed can simply be flat like a normal bed.

In terms of a care home a profiling bed could make the life of a patient more comfortable; as it is able to be arranged in a fashion that may suit any particular pains or conditions that they are suffering from. For example for those with respiratory problems; then a raised upper part of the bed allows for better breathing and circulation, meaning the patient will be more comfortable.

If someone has sustained an injury, or is in the process of recovering from surgery then the appropriate part of the body can be raised, in order to relieve the pressure on the area that would need it most. So for instance if a patient has had a operation on a limb then this could be raised to ease pressure on it and to promote better circulation.

How Profile Beds Help Professionals

From the point of view of the staff tending to the patients, then a profiling bed can be a huge advantage. If a patient is bed ridden for one reason or another, then it is possible to raise them in order to feed the patient or administer medicine or help to wash them if this is needed.

In terms of when visitors come, if the patient struggles to raise themselves, then for the benefit of when family and friends come to visit, then it will ease their minds seeing that the use of a profiling bed is making their relative look more comfortable and less helpless by having them raised.

Overall profiling beds are definitely a worthwhile investment for a care home, as they allow for the care and comfort of a variety of different needs. As a care home owner or manager profiling beds should be considered as a sound investment, as the families of those who are putting someone in your care are going to be concerned about the comfort and well being of their loved ones.