The Benefits of Washable Incontinence Products

There is a wide variety at the incontinence products on the market which are mainly separated into washable and disposable solutions. However, for those who opt for the more reusable option, there are a large number of unique benefits to be had.

Reusable Incontinence Pants Reusable Incontinence Pants


One of the most important elements of incontinence aids is comfort. Washable products are designed to be worn for long periods at a time and will therefore keep your skin dry and not cause any irritation or discomfort.

Good quality reusable products will also have the ability to maintain their shape and softness after multiple washes, ensuring you of a high level of comfort every time you wear them.


Absorbent pads and pants will offer a secure and discreet fit as they often look very similar to normal underwear. And because they can be easily washed in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you won’t have to constantly worry about going out to buy more. This is especially good news for those who feel self-conscious when it comes to the subject of incontinence.

Environmentally Friendly

Most disposable options are not recyclable, meaning that they will add to the problem of environmental waste that we already generate. Washable incontinence products on the other hand are more environmentally friendly as they can be used over and over again, and won’t need to be thrown away after only a single use.


Because the products are reusable, they will last longer than their disposable counterparts. This means you won’t need to buy them as often, making them the more cost effective choice.

Incontinence Pad Incontinence Pad

Different products work for different people. Whilst some prefer the convenience and ease of changing incontinence pads throughout the day, others may prefer the option of reusable, absorbent pants which can be worn for longer periods at a time.

The main important thing with such a personal product is that you feel comfortable and secure with your choice because once you feel protected against leakages, you can go about your day-to-day life with complete confidence too.

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