Urology Week- New Incontinence Range from Beaucare Medical Ltd

This week is Urology Week- building awareness of any bladder or bowel related issues.

Urological care is very important in everyone s life and problems can effect Males and Females at any age. Urology is the study of the urinary track.

It is estimated that between 3 million and 6 million people in the UK suffer with Incontinence.

incontinence products

Beaucare Medical Ltd wanted to provide a range of Incontinence Products that would provide more absorbency, a better quality pad and a better price than the leading brand.

This week to co-inside with Urology Week, Beaucare launched ANOV- their new range of Incontinence Products.

The range includes:

  • Light Incontinence Pads- For slight leakage- for both men and women
  • Pants/Pull Ups- for Moderate Leakage- for both men and women and dual incontinence 
  • Form- a shaped pad for men and women
  • Slip/Diaper- for men and women and dual incontinence
  • Disposable Bed Pads- in 2 sizes. 

The range is available in difference sizes and different absorbency.

You'll find soft comfortable, cotton-feel fabrics that are breathable and lock in moisture. Plus the Anov range is kinder to skin, providing re-wet prevention and no latex.

For more information about the new Anov Incontinence range from Beaucare Medical Ltd- Contact us by clicking HERE.