What is a Profiling Bed?

March 22nd, 2017 By Lisa Bainbridge
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What is a Profiling Bed?

According to guidelines commissioned by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, profiling beds are “beds that either aid manual repositioning of the patient or reposition the patient by motor-driven turning and tilting.”

To put it simply, a profile bed is a type of adjustable bed which has been designed specifically for medical use. It is a fantastic piece of care equipment which is commonly used in nursing homes, hospitals and in patients’ homes. There are many benefits of profiling beds to both the patient and carer and the majority are compatible with additional safety features such as bed rails and bumpers.

Main Features of Profiling Beds

Profiling Beds are very versatile and offer support in key areas such as the knees, hips, back, neck and head. They have been designed to cater to a wide variety of patients, including the disabled, elderly and obese. Beaucare offer a fantastic range of profile beds to suit the needs of the individual, regardless of their weight or age.

They’re Adjustable

All electric and manual profiling beds have one common factor- they can be moved into various positions. Movement is controlled via a pump for manual care beds, whilst electric profiling beds are moved using a bedside handset which can be operated by either the patient or care staff.

Profiling beds can also help care staff reduce the chances of patients developing pressure ulcers. Guidelines recommend that patients should be turned every two to four hours to lessen the pressure on skin- a task which can be much easier for nurses and carers to maintain with the use of a profiling bed due to its ability to be moved into different positions. This frequent moving can also benefit the patient’s circulation and their respiratory functions.Profiling beds have varying degrees of manoeuvrability which changes depending on the mattress support system of the model you choose to buy. Generally, profiling beds have either a two-part, three-part or four-part mattress support system which allows the bed change positions quickly and safely. More expensive beds tend to offer more functions, including knee brake and leg elevation positions, whereas the simpler two-mattress support system only offers basic positions, such as sitting upright and lying down.


What is a Profiling Bed - Beaucare ProBed Nevada The ProBed Nevada features 4 section profiling mattress support

They’re close to the ground

Profiling beds have the added design feature of being close to the ground. This can be very beneficial to the elderly patients in particular as it means that they are able to get in and out of bed without assistance, which in turn can also help to reduce the workload of nursing staff as it can save them a significant amount of time and effort.

Having a bed which is close to the ground can also offer a greater sense of security, as the patient is less likely to hurt themselves if they were to fall out of bed. Beaucare offer a range of excellent quality bed rails which can prevent falls from happening altogether if this feature isn’t included with your chosen product.

They’re often easy to install and maintain

A lot of profiling beds are simple to set up and maintain, and they should be designed to last a long time. Beaucare offers an excellent testing and inspection service if you are unsure about whether your profiling bed meets the safety requirements of your patients. We also offer servicing and repair for our wide range of medical equipment, including care beds to keep your product in its best condition.


How Beaucare Can Help You

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